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The proposed plan allows this movement in the following ways: (1) one caster wheel is trimmed flush on one side to allow it to be bolted horizontally to a point on the bicycle, and then the caster wheel frame is again reattached to the wheel, allowing the caster to turn horizontally on the bicycle mounting point; (2) the caster swivel on this first caster also allows the trailer tongue to move up and down vertically; and (3) the caster swivel on the second caster allows the trailer tongue to "rotate/tip" from side to side during travel independent of the vertical angle of the bicycle.The parts you will need for this plan are simple: (1) Two swivel casters of sufficient size - I used 2" swivel casters that are available at local hardware or home improvement stores for about apiece.But it’s not: motorcycles are banned in many of the biggest cities.In Shanghai you can still get a license plate for a bike, if you have 450,000 Renminbi (Yuan) to hand. On the other hand, you…When you spend your days poring over cafe racers, scramblers and trackers, it’s easy to forget how alluring an original classic can be.As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.If you're right then go buy yourself something nice, and if you're wrong you'll see bicycling safety.Oftentimes it’s a good resto-mod that hits the mark—a bike that strikes the balance between vintage charm and tasteful, modern upgrades. Their first bike,…Moto Guzzi’s magnificent Le Mans is a firm favorite with European custom builders, but we don’t see many V1000s.So this G5 five-speeder from France is a real treat.

Now entering year seven, Dave’ Bike Shed has established itself as a trustworthy and great value for money cycle repair and maintenance provider to people from Fife, Lothians, Edinburgh and beyond.

Thanks to all who continued to support the Shed in its first 6 years, your repeat business and friendship is greatly appreciated - thanks for spreading the word about Dave and his expertise and care in looking after your bike.

To my new customers; my thanks for your business again, see you in 2017 for the regular maintenance your bike needs to keep it tip top and giving you the performance it should. He provides detailed quotes via email – orders and fits the parts and invariably everything is ready exactly when he says it will be, costing exactly what he quoted.

But here’s something we can all agree on: vintage-style scramblers are seriously cool.

We’re talking about those machines that actually went off-piste; duking it out at the legendary International Six Days Trial, or blazing a trail across…With a population of 1.4 billion, China should be a goldmine for bike builders.

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